“Bonex inzenjering” d.o.o. provides training and consulting services in the field of management and management-related disciplines, organization of business gatherings and support to entrepreneurial projects.

Company Overview

The company was established back in 1998, and until now has realized more than 150 projects in various fields of production, services, public administration, and health care. Majority of these projects were oriented towards transforming strategy into action, capacity building and performance improvement of various governmental, public or private parties. As a result, for certain specific and complex projects we have developed a unique project management methodology. We are able to work effectively with business associations or groups of independents companies. Our specialty is the capacity building of small and medium-size enterprises, where we possess the extensive expertize and experience.

We mainly operate in international settings, with a specific focus on Russia, Balkan region and Italy. Whenever the project calls for it, we cooperate with selected local and international consulting firms and individual experts.

Our consultants and external experts have designed educational materials and delivered various types of training (including training-of-trainers), workshops, roundtables, formal training courses, and institutional education.

The needs of every project are unique and require specific knowledge. In order to respond to these needs in the best possible way, we’ve been working in the past two decades on building our own model of operating that gathers independent experts as consultants coming from different practices around the common goal.

Our track record includes projects, financed by international organizations, such as World Bank, WHO, EBRD, and UNDP.

International Cooperation and Business Alliances

As a project-oriented organization, we have formed a number of business aliances which enable us to respond to different project requiremenst and in differents countries of operation. These include:

  • “Strategia e Sviluppo”, Milan, Italy, which offers expert services in the areas of business governance, ordinary and exceptional finance and expansion to international markets
  • “Innovation Consulting International”, Moscow, Russian Federation, which offers consulting services to Russian companies in adopting Western management practices and improving business performance
  • Agency for Certification, Accreditation, and Quality Improvement in Healthcare of Republika Srpska, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which specializes in third-party conformity assessment of healthcare organizations
  • Center for Management in Healthcare – Institute of Public Health, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which specializes in capacity building of healthcare managers
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Our Currently Active Projects

Some of the entrepreneurial projects we have supported as a part of our pledge to improve the regional business ecosystem. 

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